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Celebrating 60years

Together with the churches in Lusaka, and other Christian organizations, we invite you to join us in celebrating these 60 years in the best way we know how to

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Welcome to the ‘Lusaka for Jesus’ Mission!

Community Highlights


So around 1:30pm Lusaka mission 2022 volunteers met with Mr. Shepherd and after introducing ourselves he shared with us a long story about his troubled marriage and this afternoon when

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I am ready for Change – Suleiman

                                                                             I am ready for change – Suleiman Suleiman (red hat fills a decision card after accepting Christ at Kanyama Market, Lusaka. As we enter peak of Lusaka Mission Week,

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God Saves!

Philip is a young man whom when he was seated with his fellow friends drinking alcohol, he then heard heard the gospel been taught.  He had called the evangelists asking

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Ministry Honeymoon!

The Zeal for ministry beams in their eyes!The passion to preach Jesus to the ends of the world. George ,AE Rwanda Missions Coordinator,tied knots with the love of his life

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Jedidiah Thindwa

The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

One of the international missioners suddenly fell ill on Thursday, 25th of August, 2022. He was taken to the hospital and began his treatment. Although he was helped medically, the

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Jedidiah Thindwa

JESUS – Hope for Deliverance

One woman with a Catholic background was witnessed to and decided to commit her life to Christ. Prior to this life-changing encounter, she had lost hope for her son’s life,

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