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Celebrating 60years

Together with the churches in Lusaka, and other Christian organizations, we invite you to join us in celebrating these 60 years in the best way we know how to

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Philip is a young man whom when he was seated with his fellow friends drinking alcohol, he then heard heard the gospel been taught.

 He had called the evangelists asking them to preach to him what they were preaching to his friends. After long talks about who Jesus Christ is- Philip then decided to receive Christ.

 A personal decision that was made after the word of God had landed in his Heart and settled within him.

Saturday the 27Th August Philip received Christ as his Lord Jesus Christ. A bold decision that even his fellow friends were amazed by it.

for he received Christ not when he saw it was fit for him, but at the time that Christ was knocking asking to be invited to his heart.

 After he received Christ, Philip had requested the evangelists to leave him alone. “ I feel like there is fire around here and it is burning me! Please do leave and come again when I’m not drunk.” Philip said while running back to his home.

Evangelists at Kabwata constituent were able to reach 100 people on Saturday the 27Th.

 70 people gave their lives to Christ.

 While 23 people rededicated their lives to Christ.

7 people had heard the gospel but choose not to receive Christ. We believe that the seed that was planted through the gospel that was preached, it will one day grow and give out Godly fruits for that was is the work of the Holyspirit alone.










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